The new sofas at the Salone del Mobile.Milano: welcoming, modular, for outdoor use - Cose di Casa

2022-06-15 14:35:06 By : Mr. James Wang

The new sofa models presented at the Salone del Mobile.Milano stand out for their comfort and modularity, but also for their flexibility of use.Protagonists of the living area, the new sofas at this sixtieth edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano show themselves in all their stage presence.Comfortable and ergonomic volumes, designed to meet different functional needs - thanks to the modularity and the presence of mobile accessories - and to accommodate with padding more and more in the sign of sustainability.With an eye on the outside, since the terrace and garden are now conceived and furnished as real open-air rooms.The new sofas of the Salone del Mobile.Milano rise from the ground, thanks to slender and light load-bearing structures that support particularly enveloping and welcoming volumes.Designed as islands for relaxation and conviviality, they stand out for their softness and the possibility of adapting their shape and size to your needs thanks to the variety of components available in the catalog, modularity or even, in the most sophisticated examples, of being made to measure.Particular attention is given to the materials of the upholstery and padding, increasingly derived from processes that are attentive to the environment and ready to be totally recyclable at the end of their life.The monobloc sofa, soft and welcoming, ZA: ZA by Zanotta has a soft and welcoming line that leads to the beginning of the hammock.The cylindrical tubular steel frame is welded in a single piece, which defines the structure, available in matt black or red and supports the suspended polyester straps.The seat, the backrest and the armrests are fitted onto the structure like a tailored suit and are fixed by means of a series of press studs.The padding is made of polyurethane and regenerated and regenerable polyester microspheres.It is available in three sizes.Measure L 205/240/280 x P 110 x H 82 cm.www.zanotta.itThe Shaal sofa by ArperThe Shaal sofa by Arper guarantees an enveloping embrace thanks to the shell structure that accommodates the deep cushions and elegantly raises the structure from the ground.It is soft, stable, soft, also it can be made to measure.www.arper.comThe transformations taking place in our homes require furniture ready to change, in line with the functional flexibility required by habits or by fluid living surfaces.Even the new sofas present at the Salone del Mobile.Milano adapt to these needs, becoming more and more modular, full of nomadic accessories such as tables or integrated lamps.Upholstered volumes, armrests and support surfaces are mixed according to almost infinite constructions, which further expand the possibilities with different depths of the seats and different heights of the backrests.The variety of coverings available - now removable in all simplicity and practicality, thanks to intuitively fast closing and hooking systems - then makes the ensemble tailored and personalized, in total harmony with the taste of the rest of the furniture.The modular sofa from the Valentini Stone collectionThe modular sofa of the Valentini Stone collection is Made in Italy with an informal line and extremely comfortable padding.The thin movable backrests, with different dimensions, can be moved and repositioned by means of special hooks in every point of the sofa to be able to vary the arrangement as desired;moreover, the backrests can also be used as armrests to transform the sofa into a dormeuse.The double depth of the seats and the double height of the backrest guarantee a comfortable and welcoming seat.The hexagonal islands are available in three different types.The soft cushions with generous padding are covered in fabric or leather and are embellished with double stitching, tone-on-tone or with contrasting colors.The base is supported by thin metal feet with a matt black painted finish.www.valentini.itThe Mythos sofa from the Notorius Collection by MarioniThe Mythos sofa from the Notorius Collection by Marioni is made up of elements to which a support table or a lamp can be fixed by means of a simple coupling system.The wooden structure is padded with polyurethane foam in different densities and completely covered in fabric available in multiple colors.www.marioni.itThe Fiocco modular sofa by FlouThe Fiocco modular sofa by Flou is composed of a few elements, which can be easily combined, which give life to an all-round piece, which can be enjoyed at 360 °, from any side, like a sculpture.The softly soft line with generous cushions, which can be used as backrests and armrests, fixed to the bases by means of U-shaped bent metal supports and painted matt burnished finish.It is padded with non-deformable polyurethane and is available covered in fabric or leather, completely removable.www.flou.itTribeca from the Sofas collection by Febal CasaCompact and soft, the Tribeca sofa from the Sofas collection by Febal Casa which is padded with pure polyurethane, CERTI PUR certified and covered in fabric with a high quality standard.The individual modules that compose it are entirely covered in fabric and can be customized;the chaise longue element completes the composition.The padded backrests, available in three heights, “move” the compositional rhythm and allow you to create a tailor-made relaxation.www.febalcasa.comThe Ritzwell Leewise Exclusive Sofa modular sofaThe Ritzwell Leewise Exclusive Sofa modular sofa is characterized by a low seat, reminiscent of Japan, made comfortable by large and soft cushions that rest on the solid ash structure, available in different finishes.The seat and back, covered in fabric or leather, are completely removable.The different modules available and the possibility of different combinations make it customizable according to the customer's needs.www.ritzwell.comThe modular chairs Lilas Mosaique by Gallotti & RadiceThe modular seats Lilas Mosaique by Gallotti & Radice allow you to create real personalized relaxation islands: they are padded with non-deformable polyurethane foam of different densities and polyester fiber and are covered in removable fabric or leather.They have a plate base in black lacquered metal and weighted backrests, which can be freely positioned, available on request.www.gallottiradice.comThe modular T-Pad chairs by TwilsThe T-Pad modular seats by Twils allow you to always create new configurations thanks to the easily hooked and unhooked modules, the armrests of three different types, the pentagonal element and the drop-shaped peninsula.They guarantee total configurability that allows small or large changes to the relaxation area to meet the needs of the family.www.twils.itThe new sofas of this post supersalone edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano confirm the trend of hybridization between inside and outside of our homes.The upholstered furniture for the living room is lightened and enriched with technical finishes, just as those designed for the outdoors change size, appearance and comfort from traditional models.The compositions for the garden or the terrace are now practically indistinguishable, opening up to a range of aesthetic possibilities - but also of positioning - completely new.Just two examples: a coating capable of withstanding the elements will in fact be able to face the attack of children or pets inside the walls, as on the contrary wooden essences and welcoming volumes will bring a touch of intimate familiarity and elegance to the outside. .The outdoor corner sofa from the Nolita collection by PedraliThe outdoor corner sofa from the Nolita collection by Pedrali has a light and thin structure made of painted steel tube on which the soft cushions padded with polyurethane foam covered in waterproof fabric are placed.It is available in different shapes.www.pedrali.comThe iconic Sander Outdoor sofa by Ditre ItaliaThe iconic Sander Outdoor sofa by Ditre Italia is characterized by the presence of side tables in the shape of a platform, entirely made of solid wood.The padded cushions are covered with outdoor fabrics in soft colors.www.ditreitalia.comThe Paletti modular outdoor sofa by FatboyThe Paletti modular outdoor sofa by Fatboy is made special by the oversized cushions placed on a sturdy frame partly made with recycled materials;the back is in rustproof steel.The rich padding is water resistant and remains unchanged over time;the robust fabric cover is available in five color variations.It only takes a few clicks to transform the composition to your liking.www.fatboy.comThe Piuma modular outdoor sofa by My YourThe Piuma modular outdoor sofa by My Your is a 100% Made in Italy model capable of guaranteeing maximum comfort: the solid and essential aluminum support structure is covered with a polyurethane padding covered with a mélange fabric with a original weave, designed to withstand long exposures in outdoor environments.It has a soft and welcoming appearance reminiscent of classic feather pillows, and can also be equipped with the reclining system that allows you to lower the backrests simulating a day bed.It is available in three-seater and two-seater versions.Measure L 276 x P 94 x H 70 cm and L 192 x P 94 x H 70 cm.www.myyour.euThe modular outdoor sofa from the Flair collection by GervasoniThe modular outdoor sofa from the Flair collection by Gervasoni is made up of large poufs that can be combined freely to create ever-changing combinations.The backrests with double zipper that can be folded manually, independently for each single seat, are covered in quilted fabric for outdoors with cut and sew stitching details in tone on tone or in contrast.The structure of the sofa, in steel treated for outdoors, supports the cushions in variable density polyurethane foam and polyester