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The Ranger electronic initiation system powers Dyno Nobel’s DigiShot blasting system. Traditionally, Dyno Nobel says detonators are assigned a hole location only and delay times are set at the time of a blast. A flexible tagging option provided by the Ranger system, however, allows for assigning both hole location and delay time at the hole or assigning delay times at any time. This enables users to adjust the process to their needs, speeding up the tagging process. Delay time can also be changed with the push of a button, Dyno Nobel says. Additionally, the Ranger offers a “tag by plan” option that provides a predesigned pattern. Users only need to align the correct hole with the valid hole number on the tagger, reducing the risk of potential user error.

EStar RFID technology makes it possible to identify a detonator without physical contact between a logger and detonator. The RFID technology on EStar, Austin Powder’s electronic initiation system, affords blasters greater flexibility in terms of when to log holes, assign detonator timing and test detonators or branch circuit verification. Blasters can choose to assign timing to detonators after holes are loaded and tested for continuity. Austin Powder says its RFID feature is quicker than direct contact logging or other detonator programming methods. With RFID tagging, all required detonator information is still right where it’s needed, and the logger display will still show all of the necessary details about the detonator. One logger can tag up to 1,600 detonators. Granite Calibration Machine

The latest in drilling and blasting technology - Pit & Quarry  : Pit & Quarry

The Axxis Silver system is a slimmed-down version of BME’s Axxis Titanium product and employs a dual basis of safety – with a dual-voltage and dual-capacitor configuration. BME says this further reduces the risk of uncommanded firings. Additionally, the company’s detonators now contain a Swiss-designed application-specific integrated circuit chip, giving the system more internal safety gates against stray current and lightning. Axxis Silver also speeds up the blasting process, according to the company.

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The latest in drilling and blasting technology - Pit & Quarry  : Pit & Quarry

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